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David A. Freese, President

Freese and Associates, Inc. was founded by Dave in 1991. What started out as a one-man operation in a home office, Freese and Associates, Inc has since grown to a thriving business producing over 8,000 appraisals per year. This success is the result of excellent customer service, meeting the needs of clientele, and firmly upholding sound appraisal principles. This strong foundation is why Freese and Associates, Inc. boast several long-term clients and solid business relationships.

Lizabeth A. Freese, Vice-president / Treasurer

Liz has been with our company since the very first day we opened and ran the day to day operations for many years. Through the years of expansion, Liz has maintained all the financial bookkeeping and records for the company. Currently, she oversees all billing and payroll responsibilities. Her hard work and dedication throughout the years has played an invaluable role to the success of the business.

Paul D. Brose, Operations Manager

Paul joined Freese and Associates, Inc. in 1994 as an appraiser. His excellent knowledge of appraising residences in both the city and the suburbs gave him the experience necessary to oversee the daily operations of both the appraisers and support staff. Paul provides a single point of contact for clients to ensure that any issues will be resolved efficiently and professionally.

Sandy Dorion

Sandy joined our company a year ago and has become a valuable asset to our company. Her knowledge of both computer software and customer service makes her a great fit for our company.

Kristine Lay

Kris joined our company several years ago after spending most of her career working for a major utility company in the area. Her vast experience with customer service and scheduling is a valuable asset for our company and our clients.


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